About the Journal

North and West London Journal of General Practice

About the Journal

The North and West London Journal of General Practice (NWLJGP) is a  peer-reviewed international publication. This journal, categorized as a general medical journal, functions as a platform for disseminating research discoveries within the extensive realms of Medicine and Surgery. It embraces an open-access policy, enabling unrestricted access to its content, and provides authors with the liberty to self-archive the final accepted versions of their articles on any OAI-compliant institutional or subject-based repository.

Abstracting and Indexing Information


Aim and Scope of Journal

The journal will publish articles in any field of Medicine, Surgery and other relevant fields. Articles with clinical interest and implications will be given preference. The journal will encompass a wide range of content, including clinical, pre-clinical, and translational studies within the realms of medicine, surgery, alternative medicine, para-medical, nursing and dental specialties. Furthermore, it will feature articles that have a bearing on human health and well-being, addressing not only clinical aspects but also delving into social and ethical issues. The scope of the journal extends beyond traditional medical and dental subjects to include a holistic exploration of factors influencing health, reflecting a commitment to a comprehensive understanding of healthcare and its broader implications.

 Types of articles accepted for publication

Editorials and commentary, Original research, Reviews, Case series and case reports, Opinion, Research letters, Letter to editor, Interesting and educational ‘Clinical images’, Meeting and conference reports, Book review.

 Authorship Criteria 

Authorship credit should be attributed solely to substantial contributions in the following three components:

  1. Concept and design of the study, acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data.
  2. Drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content.
  3. Final approval of the version to be published.

Merely participating in the acquisition of funding or data collection does not warrant authorship, and general supervision of the research group is insufficient. Each contributor must have actively participated in the work to the extent that they can assume public responsibility for relevant portions of the manuscript's content. The sequence of authors should reflect their respective contributions to the study and manuscript writing. Once submitted, the author order cannot be altered without written consent from all contributors.

The journal stipulates a maximum number of authors for manuscripts based on the type of manuscript, its scope, and the number of institutions involved. Authors should provide a rationale if the number of authors exceeds these limits.

Conflicts of Interest/ Competing Interests

All authors must transparently disclose any and all conflicts of interest related to the publication of the manuscript. This includes conflicts with an institution or product mentioned in the manuscript, as well as those that are integral to the study's outcome. Additionally, authors are required to reveal any conflicts of interest involving products that compete with those discussed in their manuscript. Full disclosure ensures the integrity and credibility of the research and publication process.

Peer review

Peer review serves as a fundamental cornerstone in maintaining the rigor of academic publishing, and our journal is committed to a robust peer review system. This process is meticulously designed to uphold the highest standards of quality, validity, and relevance in the manuscripts that undergo evaluation for potential publication. By subjecting submissions to a thorough assessment by experts in the respective fields, our goal is to preserve the integrity and credibility of the scholarly work that we choose to publish.

Article processing charge

The journal charges fee on acceptance.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

The NWLJGP does not charge any fees for the submission of manuscripts. All submissions intended for publication in NWLJGP should include the following elements:

  1. First Page File: This file must include the manuscript's title, the names and affiliations of the author(s), and the contact details of the corresponding author.
  2. Article File: This file contains the main manuscript text, encompassing the abstract, introduction, methods, results, tables, figures, discussion, acknowledgments (if applicable), conflicts of interest statement, and references. Authors should ensure that the article adheres to the journal's formatting and style guidelines during the submission process.


References in your manuscript should be listed consecutively at the end, following the NLM (National Library of Medicine) style. To adhere to this style, please follow these guidelines for your reference list:

  1. Journal articles: Last Name Initials. Article Title. Journal Name. Year; Volume(Issue): Page Numbers. DOI.
  2. Books: Last Name Initials. Book Title. Edition (if applicable). Place of Publication: Publisher; Year.
  3. Websites: Author(s) (if available). Webpage Title. Website Name. URL. Published Date (if available). Accessed Date.
  4. Conference papers: Last Name Initials. Paper Title. In: Editor(s). Proceedings Title. Conference Name; Year; Location. Page Numbers. Publisher.

For in-text citations, use numbers in round brackets. For example:

  • “[17]” for a single reference.
  • “[26, 27]” or “[8-12]” for multiple references.

Ensure that the citation and reference list formats align with the NLM style to maintain consistency and facilitate readability for your readers.


How to Submit Your Manuscript: Authors can submit their manuscripts directly via email to tnwljgp@gmail.com

Contact Details: For further inquiries or assistance, please reach out to us using the following contact information: Email: tnwljgp@gmail.com